June 15-16, 2022 Munich | XI. International Congress

Europe on the Move? –
Stimulating New Ideas to Promote Liberty and Prosperity in a Changing World Order

together with ifo Institut
in cooperation with vbw and Heinz und Heide Dürr Stiftung
supported by Ernst & Young GmbH

Europe is in a state of upheaval. The worldwide consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, the digitalisation process, climate change and its consequences, the shifting of power between global players and an increasing number of authoritarian states are all presenting business leaders and policymakers with new challenges.

The aim of our 11th International Young Social Science and Economics Congress is to bring together researchers and practitioners in a dialogue designed to throw up new ideas as to how the European Union, an ongoing project for mutual peace and freedom, can continue to prosper and what economic, political and also legal frameworks will be required.

The Congress is aimed particularly at young academics from all over Europe – tomorrow’s leaders. In the Congress’s six working groups, they will be given the opportunity to discuss their research findings at eye level with leading decision-makers from the world of business, with representatives from politics and the media, and with outstanding researchers in other fields. Here they can critically examine the feasibility and practicability of ideas and projects developed at their universities. These gatherings, which are often the first testing ground for a new generation of young academics, also offer the participants a chance to converse informally and thus make invaluable contacts for their further careers.

We are expecting more than 300 participants from science, business, politics and the media to attend this international event. The conference proceedings will be published in book form.





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