Digitalisation is increasingly permeating all areas of life. It is fundamentally transforming and permanently changing not only the world of work and our everyday lives but also our perception of communication, freedom and self-determination. The so-called “digital revolution” is also challenging the established institutions and values that form the basis of our liberal democracy and our socially responsible free market economy. At the same time, digitalisation is acting as a motor, driving groundbreaking technical developments and economic progress. In giving shape to this process, we must fully exploit digitalisation’s potential and yet also be sensitive to the tasks facing civil society in dealing, for example, with the changes to our political reality, to our workplaces and to social cohesion. This is why the Schleyer Foundation’s events regularly return to this theme, tackling such issues as: Future Decision-Making by Algorithms and Machine Learning – Responsibility in the Digital Age; A New Division of Labour Between Man and Machine? Big Data as a Driver of Innovation and Progress?

February 17-18, 2021 Berlin | XV. Higher Education Symposium

Shaping digitalisation:
The Responsibilities of Science –
Ideas to drive our Economy and our Society


September 18-19, 2019 Köln | XIV. Higher Education Symposium

The Future of University Teaching


December 12, 2018 Berlin| Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize 2017/18

Shaping the Digital Revolution – Changes in the Economy, the State and Society

June 27, 2018 Berlin | Otto Wolff Symposium

Digital socially responsible free market economy:
Prospects – Risks – Regulations


May 14-15, 2018 Berlin | International Sponsoring Congress

Re-inventing Europe in the Digital Age?
Freedom, Prosperity and European Integration


June 1-2, 2016 Berlin | Interdisciplinary Conference

Medicine 4.0 –
The Future of Medicine in a Digitalised World