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Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize

In recognition of its programmes to encourage and advance the young generation, Dr. Friedwart Bruckhaus, a company director, appointed the Schleyer Foundation heir and trustee of a dependent trust fund, the Friedwart Bruckhaus Foundation.

The Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize furthers the Schleyer Foundation’s aim of connecting the results of scientific research with practical experience and making clear the importance of both for a community based on the principle of individual freedom.

The prize is awarded to scientists who have conducted outstanding research and journalists whose contributions to the media have excelled in making scientific discoveries and practical experience easily accessible to a wider public.

The competition for the Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize is held every two years with a different theme. The winners are chosen by a jury and the prizes are awarded at the Forum Berlin.


December 12, 2018 | FORUM BERLIN
Award ceremony Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize 2017/2018

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December 2, 2016 | FORUM BERLIN
Award ceremony Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize 2015/2016

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