For almost four decades, the Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation has focused its extensive programme on the current generation of young graduates. Under the motto “Support and Challenge”, the foundation offers young people not only from the political sciences and humanities, but also from the natural sciences and medicine, the opportunity to test their mettle in some 30 university seminars and congress working groups every year and to have the courage to subject their research results to the competition of ideas and to interdisciplinary discourse with established experts in theory and practice.

As this programme of events has established itself, it has gradually built up a sustainable interdisciplinary network in the field of economic policy, statecraft and law. Today, many of the more than 12,000 gifted young researchers who have received the foundation’s support count among the leading lights in the social sciences, economics, politics and the media.

Dies ist ein Typoblindtext. An ihm kann man sehen, ob alle Buchstaben da sind und wie sie aussehen. Manchmal benutzt man Worte wie Hamburgefonts, Rafgenduks oder Handgloves, um Schriften zu testen. Manchmal Sätze, die alle Buchstaben des Alphabets enthalten – man nennt diese Sätze »Pangrams«. Sehr bekannt ist dieser: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy old dog. Oft werden in Typoblindtexte auch fremdsprachige Satzteile eingebaut (AVAIL® and Wefox™ are testing aussi la Kerning), um die Wirkung in anderen Sprachen zu testen.

Exklusiver Bereich für Schleyer-Alumni