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Friedwart Bruckhaus Prize

Previous Competition Themes and Prize-Winners:

WHAT MAKES GERMANY STRONG? On the Future of the Political Order in Business, State and Society

Dr. Denise Alessandra Bauer, Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Philip Plickert, Frankfurt am Main


2007/2008 THE MEDIA IN A COMMUNITY BASED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM – Their Task and their Responsibility between Policymaking, Social Change and Technical Progress

Dr. Christoph G. Baum, Berlin
Dipl.-Volksw. Arndt Christiansen, Bonn
Dr. Katharina Wacker, Bonn

2005/2006 THE REDISCOVERY OF THE PUBLIC GOOD?– The Responsibility of the Individual in a Community Based on the Principle of Individual Freedom

Dr. Jens Hacke, Hamburg
Tina Klopp, Hamburg
Dr. Dr. Nils Ole Oermann, Berlin
PD Dr. Arnd Uhle, Bonn

2003/2004 PARTY-BASED DEMOCRACY IN TROUBLE – From Paralysis to Opening?

Dr. Philipp Dann, Frankfurt / M.
Jens Jensen, M.A., Bonn
Nicola Pohl, Ense-Bremen
Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg, Bonn
PD Dr. Gerd Strohmeier, Chemnitz

2001/2002 THE FUTURE OF THE CITY: New Urbanism in the Age of the Multimedia Society?

Dipl.-Geogr. Stefan Carsten, Berlin
Frank Eckardt M.A, Weimar
Dipl.-Volksw. Claudio De Luca und Henning     Baethge, Köln
Dipl.-Pol. Michael Wech, Hamburg

1999/2000 REGIONAL EUROPE – CITIZENS’ EUROPE? Integration Prospects between Homeland and Globalisation: Interests, Experience and Aims of Cross-Border Co-operation.

Dipl.-Volkswirt Ludger Wößmann, Kiel
Torsten Stein, M.A., Berlin
Anja Mösing, Munich

1997/1998 LOCAL POLITICS IN CRISIS: New Ways to Achieve more Transparency for the Citizen in his Local Community.

Jürgen Becker und Claudia Schönberger,    Heilbronn
Dipl.-Kfm. Burkhard Danz, Dresden
Dr. Stefan Zahradnik, Frankfurt

1995/1996 SOURCES OF CREATIVE CULTURE: More Competition or More Public Subsidy?
No prize awarded

1993/1994 CHANGE OF VIEW: On the Cultural Dialogue between East and West in Europe. New Diversity, New Challenges, New Horizons.

Jens Büttner, Merseburg
Dr. Johannes Gönner, Vienna
Donal O’Sullivan, M.A., Cologne

1992 TOTALITARIANISM IN GERMANY: Coming to Terms with the Consequences Yesterday and Today.

Christa Hoffmann, M.A., Altrich
Dr. Wolfram Weimer, Frankfurt/M.

1991 ONE NATION – TWO SOCIETIES? The Long-Term Economic, Social and Cultural Problems of German Re-Unification.

Claudia Hamboch, Berlin
Dr. phil. Michael Schwarzenau, Münster
Andreas Engel, Bonn
Dipl.-Volkswirt Dr. Bodo von Rüden, Speyer

1990 DENATIONALISATION AND COMPETITION: More Service for the Citizen?

Dipl.-Volkswirt Dr. Manfred Kemper, Bad    Zwischenahn
Dipl.-Volkswirt Eckhard Göske, Osnabrück
Florian Schwinn, Frankfurt/M.

1989 THE MEDIA ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE EUROPEAN INTERNAL MARKET 1992 – Political, Economic and Cultural Prospects

Dr. jur. Christoph Engel, Hamburg
Dr. phil. Anina Heringer, Mainz
Dr. phil. Oliver Schauenberg, Münster

1988 COMPETITION BETWEEN EAST AND WEST Economic Relations between East and West: Facts and Problems, Their Political and Strategic Significance.

Dipl.-Volkswirt Wojciech Kostrzewa, Kiel
Dr.rer.oec. Perdita Wingender, Bochum


Dipl.-Volkswirt Heinz-Jürgen Büchner, Bonn
Georg Gafron, Berlin
Dipl.-Designer Friedrich Wilhelm Hoven, Stolberg

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