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If you would like to give the Schleyer Foundation your long-term support
Besides donations, you can also support the aims and work of the Schleyer Foundation by making an endowment. The endowed capital remains intact while the earnings create a continuous and permanent source of income for sponsoring our programmes.

As you want it and in your name
Named endowments can be provided exclusively for the purpose designated by the donor within the framework of the Schleyer Foundation’s programmes, for example, for a prize or an annual ”Dialogue Seminar” at a faculty of your choice or your preferred university. In addition, it is possible for the assets endowed to the Schleyer Foundation to be managed separately in the donor’s name, for instance as an individually structured endowment fund or as a dependent trust fund under the aegis of the Schleyer Foundation.

The Foundation already has considerable experience with these models.

Your commitment to the young generation
Your commitment to the young generation
With an endowment to the Schleyer Foundation you can make a significant and enduring contribution whilst directing your support according to your own individual wishes. Our wide-reaching programmes for young people with clear values offer your endowment a high degree of effectiveness with the benefit of a lean administration. Endowments can also bring tax benefits.

We recommend that you consult a solicitor regarding the exact form of your endowment. If you so wish, we are only too glad to be of assistance and would naturally be happy to discuss everything with you in confidence.



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The Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation is a non-profitmaking, civil law foundation for the promotion of science. The Foundation finances its work from investment earnings and donations. All donations go directly to fund our projects and, if so wished by the donors, exclusively to the Foundation’s programme of their choice.

Bank details:

Deutsche Bank Köln
IBAN DE35370700240110999000

Please include your name and address on your cheque or transfer.
An official confirmation of your donation will be sent to you automatically.



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