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Young Generation

Young Science meets Practice
Not only listening but also trying out their own ideas, finding stimulation and encouragement, making new contacts – at our conferences well-qualified young scientists have the opportunity to do all these things.

They submit themselves and their research theses to a dialogue not only with other scientists but also with practitioners in the relevant field, thus bringing new approaches and new impetus to the public debate.

The Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation’s interdisciplinary conferences for science in theory and practice have become known on the conference circuit as a particular meeting point for researchers and practitioners in business, politics and public administration.

Excellence at these congresses is ensured by a special selection process. Over 800 university teaching staff from the relevant disciplines are involved at an early stage. They put forward the names of outstanding young scientists as qualified to attend the congress. On the basis of their special achievements, some 100 young scientists are selected from these recommendations and invited by the Foundation to take part in the congress.
The Schleyer Foundation has been staging these "Young Science meets Practice" congresses since 1980, focussing on topical issues from economics, law and the cultural sciences. As a result, an interdisciplinary network has developed – the alumni of the Schleyer Foundation – and this in turn has brought new ideas and new impetus to the Foundation’s work.

With the collaboration of the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation’s "Universitas " programme, the Schleyer Foundation has been able to expand these successful interdisciplinary congresses into the natural, technical and medical sciences.

A joint congress has also been held as part of the recently launched co-operation with the Robert Bosch Foundation on a programme called "The Social Market Economy and Democracy: Promoting Trust and Acceptance in the Younger Generation". >>>


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1./2. Juni 2016, Berlin:

IV. Interdisziplinärer Kongress 
Junge Wissenschaft und Praxis
Medizin 4.0 Zur Zukunft der Medizin in der digitalisierten Welt
in Kooperation mit der Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung
gemeinsam mit der Charité Berlin

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