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Hanns Martin Schleyer-Stiftung


The programmes of the Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation are primarily aimed at the young generation. We raise young people’s awareness of the importance of a state based on the rule of law and a free market economy. A competitive spirit and the will to achieve, creativity and curiosity, a sense of responsibility and community spirit are essential if our constitutional democracy based on the principle of liberty is to be safeguarded and developed.

Taking "Support and Challenge" as its motto, the Schleyer Foundation organises seminars and congresses to offer young graduates and undergraduates opportunities to pass the "acid test" and have the courage to submit themselves to the competition of ideas. With its open dialogues, the Schleyer Foundation aims to provide orientation and at the same time help young people to develop their own style and attitudes.



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Guiding principles

Young Generation
Encouraging creativity, a competitive spirit, ambition to achieve and show initiative

Promoting interdisciplinarity and networking

Enhancing ability to innovate by means of dialogue and trust

Publishing new developments in science and research

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