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Workshops for University Teaching Staff

Interdisciplinary Workshops for University Teaching Staff

Interdisciplinary workshops for young lecturers and assistant professors from a number of different universities and research institutes. The participants put forward their latest contributions to research on a theme of topical interest to be tested in a discussion in which they are joined by practitioners from different fields and journalists. The discussions are chaired by one or more university lecturers.

These interdisciplinary encounters introduce new elements into the subsequent research work of the participants. They deliberately promote an exchange between neighbouring subjects and new networks for tomorrow’s tertiary teachers.

In collaboration with the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation we also sponsor further workshops for university teaching staff within the framework of the Universitas programme.

The workshops are not open to the public. No applications to attend can be considered.

















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Herausforderungen für Europa und Ostasien in der Weltwirtschaft

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